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My Computer is Making a Wierd Noise

Most likely it's either an internal fan or worse, the hard drive.

The computer generates a lot of internal heat and there are fans placed inside your computer to help keep it cool in there. 
If one of the fans is about to stop working you will hear grinding or similar strange noises coming from inside your computer. 
You can open the case and turn on the computer to visually inspect the fans to ensure they are turning properly. 
You should be able to identify the failing fan easier with the case off.

If you are comfortable with replacing such a part, turn off the computer, unplug the computer from the wall, remove the fan from the computer and take it to a local computer shop that sells parts. 
They will be able to get you an identical fan in which you can replace just as easily as you removed the bad one. 
Not all fans are the same size and shape, so remember to take the old one in so it can be matched. 
Be sure to replace a failing or failed fan as quickly as possible. 
Overheating is never good for a computer and it will eventually start to shut down due to getting too hot. 
Ultimately if the overheating issue isn’t fixed you can cause permanent damage to the computer if you allow it to overheat too often. 
Another possibility is that the noise isn’t coming from a fan at all; 
instead it could be coming from the hard drive. 
If this is the case you should immediately back up all important data on your computer and call a professional to come out to fix the problem.
The hard drive is the C: drive on your computer. 
This drive contains all pictures, music, documents, and system files. 
If this drive fails everything that is stored on your computer will be gone. 
It’s the single most important piece of hardware inside your computer.

Replacing a hard drive is much more technical and tricky than replacing a fan. If you have any reservations at all regarding replacing a hard drive, then it would be best to call us to replace it for you.

Posted on February 23rd 2013