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Answer: You have to manually open the CD tray to get the CD out. Here’s how you do it. 

First, power off the computer and unplug the power cord from the wall. 
Get a normal sized paperclip and bend it to where it’s straight on one end. 
In the front of the CD drive there is a teeny tiny hole just big enough for you to put the end of the paperclip into. Poke the straight end of the paperclip into the hole to where it stops. 
Then, gently push the paperclip a bit further to manually eject the CD tray. 
The CD tray should come out enough for you to use your fingers to pull it out all the way. 
Remove the CD from the tray and then manually push the CD tray back into the CD drive. Plug in the power cord and power up the computer again. 
If the CD tray has a flip-down protector over the tray, you need to manually pull the protector down to expose the hole in which you would put the paperclip. 
The above procedure is the same for this style CD drive. 
Question: The desktop on my computer is cluttered! How do I get rid of all this stuff?

Answer: To delete the icons on your desktop, you can right-click on what you want to remove and then choose " delete" from the menu that pops up. 
If you removed an icon by mistake, you can open the " Recycle Bin" and restore it. 
Most icons on the desktop are shortcuts to the actual icons elsewhere on your computer. 
Having a shortcut on your desktop makes it easier to open commonly used programs without having to navigate to where they actually are on the hard drive.
Just click on the shortcut icon and it takes you to the real program. 
A shortcut is denoted by a little arrow at the bottom-left of the icon. 

Question: My computer is running extremely slow. 
Someone told me I should run defrag, but every time I run defrag it starts over so many times the computer gives up. 
What should I do?

Answer: A lot of people put too much importance on defrag. 
Defrag just reorganises your files to be better accessible by the computer. 
The performance gain you see from defrag is very negligible at best. 
If your computer is so slow that you need to run utilities to improve performance, you should call a professional out to look at the computer and optimise it on a deeper level.
I personally have not run defrag in years and don't plan to in the future. 
There are far more effective ways to improve a computer's performance.

Posted on February 23rd 2013