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Mobile Phone Viruses

Question:  I’ve heard that there are viruses attacking things other than computers now.  Is that even possible?  How do you protect against such attacks?

Answer:  It’s true that people are finding out ways to attack electronic items other than computers these days.  Mobile phones and tablets are just a couple things that are vulnerable to viruses.

Pretty much if it runs programs, it can get a virus.  Viruses are just programs that do bad things instead of good things.  So, you have good programs (whatever the electronic device is programmed to do to help you), and bad programs that are made to cause headaches and fear (viruses & spyware).  The only way to combat viruses is to get a good anti-virus program.

Nowadays, those pesky hackers and virus writers have found a way to infect that program to spread viruses.  It’s relatively new, so not all anti-virus programs will be able to scan the IM programs for viruses.  The good news is, that once an infection gets on the actual computer, your anti-virus program should be able to clean up any viruses that appear.  Computer-based anti-virus programs should start scanning IM clients soon for infections.

The really bad news is that mobilephones and tablets of all things are now starting to get viruses.  Believe it or not the first cell phone virus was discovered in June 2004.  It just sent text messages to the company without the user’s knowledge, but it was just the beginning.

Right now mobile phone viruses arepopping up on almost every type of phone. Thankfully they are still pretty rare.. 

I recommend that you install a good anti virus program on your phone/tablet.
Don't make the mistake of thinking that "I got an iPad or iPhone, it will never get a virus"

I'm not going to tell you which one to get as the choice is mainly a personal one as they all do mostly the same thing
I use "Lookout Mobile Security." Link

Posted on February 23rd 2013