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Norton and why I hate it.

We have gotten quite a few calls of computers being damaged or broken, not loading web pages or generally just being really slow. The first question I usually ask is "Do you have Norton on your computer?" 

Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Firewall, is now known as Norton Smart Security,
when you install it they install a load of extra files hidden deep in your system that not only cause your computer to be unresponsive,

but it can also actually STOP you doing what you wanted to do in the first place - "surf the web".

I cannot tell you what anti virus program to use, or to not use Norton, however I will give you this clue as to why it "appears" to be so popular. 

When you buy a new computer guess what's usually installed on it? Yes that's right - Norton. 

Now most people think this is great because they have free security software on their computer, however the old addage is still true, "if it's free--how good is it really"? 

Norton give the software away with new computers simply because once someone has it there is a good chance they will just buy the subscription when the notice pop ups on your screen warning you that your software is about to expire. 

Should you go elsewhere and actually buy something decent you'll find that your computer seems to slow it right down - A WARNING - This is caused by Norton! 

Norton WILL NOT UNINSTALL even when you try and uninstall it properly using your uninstall feature on your computer. 
It "appears to," however all the hidden files and folders deep in your system, as well as all your modified files are still there. 

The ONLY way to remove Norton is to use the special Norton Removal Tool, and guess where we get this from? 
Yes Norton themselves,
They KNOW how most people who know anything about computers hate Norton and actually had to make a removal tool to uninstall their product properly. 

The other thing in Norton's favour, is when people find it free on their computer they either buy the subscription when it "runs out" or they end up getting a virus which then means them buying an anti virus program, and yes they usually buy whats on their computer - Norton.

Unfortunately Norton is NOT the best anti virus program and it fails to spot some virus's sometimes. If you want my advice, and it's only my personal opinion from 14 years of fixing computer problems, - get something that actually works even if it means paying a bit extra.

Posted on February 23rd 2013