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Java & Why my game won't work

 Question: I’m going through online poker withdrawals! My Texas Hold ‘em just won’t work any more and it’s driving me crazy. What could be causing it?

Answer: Online games typically need three components to work: Flash, Java, and Active X. 
All of these probably sound like old B movies, I’ll explain what they are and how they help you get to neat stuff on the Internet. 
In a nutshell, they’re programming languages. 
Flash has gone through some major changes over the course of its history, and will most likely go through some more. 
It was once called Macromedia Flash, Shockwave Flash, and now it’s called Adobe Flash. 
It was first introduced in 1996 and primarily is used for animation and interaction on web pages.

Java is actually my favourite of the three. 
I think I like it most because of its name. 
Java comes from Sun Microsystems. I really lost track of Sun. They used to be a big contender in networking against Microsoft, but that’s another story. 
Anyway, Java is basically software that lets you run programs through the web page. 
Java was introduced in 1994. 
This brings us to Active X by Microsoft. 
Over the last few years Active X is being used more prevalently. 
It’s very close to what Java does in that it lets you run programs through a web page. 
Of course, since Sun (Microsoft’s bitter rival) makes Java and Microsoft makes Active X, there’s a lot of tension between those two applications.

My memory is a bit bad, but I seem to recollect a few years ago Microsoft stopped support for Java (the head honcho of the three languages at the time) and that created quite a stink.
Since then there is a love-hate relationship between the two. 
Perhaps it’s a hate-hate relationship.

One or more of these applications could be glitching and may need to be reinstalled.
You can reinstall Flash by going to and looking at the bottom-right for the button Adobe Flash.
Java can be reinstalled by going to Reinstalling Active X is a bit trickier and should be your last resort. 
You can also reset Internet Explorer, click on TOOLS at the top and then click INTERNET OPTIONS. Click on the SECURITY tab and click “Custom Level” under the Internet option.
Tweak these settings and make sure you allow Java, Flash, and Active X through the Internet.

If this doesn’t help, you may need to contact the administrators of the online poker site/game you are trying to use. 
They may have some additional steps that are pertinent specifically to their site.

Posted on February 23rd 2013