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Backing up your files

Too many times I have to tell customers that their hard drive is physically damaged beyond repair, and too many times they haven’t backed up their irreplaceable files.

The hard drive is a small box about the size of a piece of bread inside your computer.  All files on your computer are stored in the hard drive.  These files include the Windows system files, program files, and most importantly your pictures and music.  It’s the only critical moving part of your computer and eventually it wears out. 
A lot of the time the files can be recovered, but there is that slim chance that all files are wiped out never to be seen again.

Inside the hard drive it looks like a record player.  There is a metal disc that resembles a tiny metal record without the grooves.  There is also a head that moves along the surface of the disc that acts like a record needle.  If any of these parts fail it is very costly to repair it to where you can recover the files. 

You have to take it to a data recovery specialist, and the cost usually starts around £1,000 for simple jobs and it goes up from there.

At any given time everything on your computer could be completely lost with no warning whatsoever.  This past week there was a hard drives brought to me, it was so bad that I wasn’t able to recover the data.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a backup of their data and everything is gone.

There are many ways to back up your critical information on your computer.  Thumb drives (a.k.a. memory sticks) act like a diskette, but they now can hold more 32GB of dats (8 dvd's worth).  CDs and DVDs are a convenient way to back up a large amount of data and store it for a long time. 

Recommended External hard drives provide an incredible amount of storage and can easily be taken in the event of an emergency preventing taking the whole computer.

They are also cheap to buy these days, less than £100 and you can take a whole backup of all your files and keep them safe ready to restore should your drive crash.

One of my favorite computer saying is, “There are two types of hard drives out there, those that have crashed and those that will crash.”  It’s true. 

Eventually a hard drive will stop working altogether and most likely you won’t get any warning at all that it’s about to happen.

Posted on February 23rd 2013